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School Banking

‚Äčdollarmites.pngSCHOOL BANKING 
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia: YouthSaver Account
How can I open an account for my child?

A Dollarmite Account for your child can be opened online through the Commonwealth website if you
are an existing account holder.
Alternatively a form can be completed at school.  A copy of your driver's license is required.

Or you can open an account through any Commonwealth Bank.  Child's birth certificate and 100 point Identification check will be required to complete the account application.
What is School Banking?
School Banking is a way to teach good saving practices to children.
Each week children are encouraged to deposit money.  This money is deposited into the child's bank account. Each deposit is given a silver Dollarmite token to show the deposit has been taken.
After 10 deposits into the bank account a reward can be chosen by the child.  This is to encourage and reward regular savings.

What day is School Banking?
School Banking Day is each Wednesday of school Term.

What do we do?
* On Wednesday morning place your Dollarmite wallet into the grey satchel found in your child's classroom.  If you wish you can rubber band two sibling's wallets together and place into class satchel.
* Parent volunteers collect the grey satchels from each classroom and process the deposits.
* Deposits will be removed from the Dollarmite wallet and a Dollarmite token will be placed inside the wallet to show the deposit has been taken. (Do not be concerned if the tokens are lost as the banking system keeps track of all deposits made at school).
* The satchels containing the wallets are returned to the classroom and the students on the same day.
Please Note
We can not give change.
We can not accept foreign currency.
Deposits need to match the deposit slips.
We can not provide you with a bank balance (to do this you need to attend a Commonwealth Branch.)
We do not provide any withdrawals.
Deposits made outside of school banking day do not recieve a Dollarmite token.