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The Uniform Shop is open every Wednesday of school term from 3 - 3.30pm

Uniform Shop Coordinators:                   
Kylie McCulloch                                                                      
Lisa Desmond                                                       
* * If you are unable to make the time the uniform shop is open:
You can fill in an order form (available from the school office/ or on the notice board).
Complete the form.
Return form to school office with money or cheque.
Items will be given to your child to take home or you can collect items from the school office.
                          The Uniform Shop is provided by the School Association and is run wholly by Parent Volunteers. 
Payments can be made by cash or cheques.  ​(no eftpos facilities available)
REMEMBER: Don't forget to name all your uniform items with student name.
​Campbell Street Primary School encourages the purchase of the school uniform options. 
School Uniform:
Navy blue coloured shorts, skirts, culottes, track pants or trousers.
Gold or dark blue collared shirts or school named polo top in navy blue and gold.
Summer School Dress in unique Campbell Street Primary School pattern.
Plain socks and shoes that cover the whole foot including toes and heels.
Broad brim, Bucket or legionnaires hat.
Campbell Street Polo tops (dark blue and yellow)        
CSPS shorts (dark blue and yellow embroidery)            
$20 (except size 14 costs $25) 
CSPS trousers (dark blue with yellow embroidery)       
Campbell Street Primary Rugby Top 
(dark blue/yellow with green stripe)                             
$52 (sizes 4 and 6) - $55 (sizes 8, 10, 12, 14)
Campbell Street Primary Polar Fleece
(dark blue with yellow embroidery)                               
School Dress                                                                 
(unique pattern to this school - green/blue/white checkered) 
$55 (sizes 4, 6, 8, 10) - $60 (sizes 12, 14 & 16)       

Navy Blue Stockings
$12 each          
Bucket Hats or Broad Brim Hats
Wearing of Hats is compulsory for all students.

Navy Blue CSPS logo School BagNavy Blue CSPS logo School Bag